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I'm Not Sad Album Release Show June 25!

Hosted by Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse

My friends, this show will be an extravaganza of extravagant proportions! Jordan Capizzi of Nielsen Family Band, Dime Store Dolls, and me at the front of a deadly rock n roll band to celebrate (belatedly) the release of my album, “I’m Not Sad!” Ride the rhythmic Tilt-a-Whirl! Gasp at the melodic tightrope walkers! Gawk at the lyrical sword swallowers! Get your tickets while the gettin’s good, and we’ll see you at ringside! 

Here's my entry for this year's Gems on VHS Gems in the Rough contest, recorded with haste a few hours before the deadline in the mausoleum at St. John Cemetery in Lafayette, Louisiana. I hope you dig it, and I hope even more that the denizens of the graves didn't hate it. #GemsintheRough2022

Vinegar Creek Constituency wins Central PA Music Award for best folk band of 2020!

Best Folk Band of 2020!

I'm as proud as an orangutan in a rented seersucker suit to report that my swashbuckling original string band, VCC, was honored last week in Harrisburg with the Central Pennsylvania Music Award for best folk act of 2020! Here's a picture of me and Bryson cheesing it on the red carpet at the Whitaker Center with Wade from Colebrook Road, winners of the award for best bluegrass band. 

This just in: local boy earns "attaboy!"

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Singing DiSantograms are back!

Yondersongs Episode 3: The Ballad of Little Bigfoot

Click the image below for Leo DiSanto first friday livestream concert at 8pm

The Brothers DiSanto Livestream Concert- 3/21/20: click the pic to go to watch on Facebook!

The Halloween Tapes: a new EP by Vinegar Creek Constituency Duo

MOE Stories Podcast

Yondersongs Episode 2: Gone to Sharpsburg Blues

Yondersongs Episode 1: Letters from Centralia

New Song Demo- "I'll Be Your Darkest Before the Dawn"

Yondersongs Episode 1: Letters from Centralia

New song and video: "Back to the Angel Maker"

The Beatles- "And I Love Her"

New song demo- "We Haven't Yet"

New Vinegar Creek Constituency Duo video: "The Dizziest Train"

"Almost Empty Things"- new original song and video

"You Make Me Feel So Young"

New song- "Anna and Martin"

New music video- "Groundhog Day Blues"

All the Lights (new song demo)

Click the photo to get tickets for Christmas with Leo and the DiSantones 12/20/2018

Fix My Music- Episode 4

Happy Halloween!

Fix My Music episode 3

Fix My Music-Episode 2 (feat. Bill Shanley)

New song demo- "Another Hole in the Wall"

Fix My Music Ep. 1 (feat. Corty Byron)